2012 Primary Schedule

Many of these dates are tentative as some states are still messing with their primary dates to jockey for an earlier position. All dates subject to change since some haven't been settled yet. All events are primaries unless otherwise noted as being a caucus.


January 31st: Florida (Likely to change)

February 6th: Iowa caucuses

February 7th: Minnesota GOP caucuses, Missouri, New Jersey, Colorado caucuses

February 14th: New Hampshire

February 18th: Nevada caucuses

February 21st: Wisconsin

February 28th: South Carolina, Arizona, Michigan

March 6th (Super Tuesday): Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Idaho GOP caucuses, Minnesota Democratic caucuses

March 11th: Maine Democratic caucuses

March 13th: Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii GOP caucuses, Utah Democratic caucuses

March 20th: Illinois

March 24th: Louisiana

April 3rd: Maryland, District of Columbia

April 7th: Hawaii Democratic caucuses, Wyoming Democratic caucuses

April 14th: Idaho Democratic caucuses, Kansas Democratic caucuses, Nebraska Democratic caucuses

April 15th: Alaska Democratic caucuses, Washington Democratic caucuses

April 24th: Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

May 5th: Michigan Democratic caucuses

May 8th: Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia

May 15th: Nebraska, Oregon

May 22nd: Arkansas, Kentucky

June 5th: California, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota Democratic caucuses

June 26th: Utah GOP primary

Many dates subject to change between now and the end of 2011.