Post Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:27 pm

Article V Text in Call for "Convention of States"

Nov 11-13, 2015: 100 state legislators from 30 states met in Salt Lake City to draft a blueprint for a constitutional convention to be called (they claim) according to the process set forth in Article V of the Constitution.

Wayne Neiderhauser of Utah: ""What we're focused on is establishing the rules and procedures under which a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution could be held.”

"Take note also of the deception attempted by this group in its assurance that Article V gives power to the states to call a convention. There are a few significant misrepresentations in that short statement.

First, the Constitution does not give the states anything. The states created the federal government and retain the authority to resist the exercise by Congress of any powers not specifically granted to it by the states in the Constitution.


In other words, the states are the creator, the federal government is the creation, and the latter cannot control the former, regardless of the revisionist history promoted by the Assembly of State Legislatures.